From Where the Toilet Water Swishes Contra-Reloj

It's been hard to write lately, not that Australia isn't interesting, but between all the concerts, press requirements, and transits there isn't enough time left to digest what's happening, and hopeless to regurgitate it in a pithy way. There have been some great gigs, but nothing specific to write about... people getting fucked up and dancing to my music is nothing new, happens nearly every weekend somewhere on earth. Okay, one night does stand out, the free opening night of the Sydney festival, about 300k people spread between a dozen stages, the entire downtown a pedestrian zone of free concerts, ours in�a narrow alley between financial skyscrapers.�A great example of well-spent public arts money. The curation was top notch despite being aimed at the middle-brow masses, Nick Cave, Fanfare Ciocarlia, the Ed Banger french disco deejays, all artist i can enjoy seeing. What's different about this tour is the heroic promotion effort that Uber Lingua made resulted in mainstreaming me, for instance have a look at this puff piece�in the Sydney Herald. I must have done interviews on a dozen different radio stations, I lost count. If there is anywhere in the anglo-diaspora that I could be inserted into popular culture it's probably here, where peoples seem game for oddities and underdogs. Another thing that's unusual is that I'm touring with peers, Maga Bo who I know well, but also with Duoud, which is the electronics & oud duo (thus the name) of Smadj and Mehdi. They're interesting chaps, especially their atypical tales of long production stays in places like Yemen. Here is a pic of Matt (aka Bass Bin Laden), Hannah, Maga Bo, and yours truly in a forest of towering eucalyptus and tree ferns.