Nettle in the Geography of Nowhere

A week ago I had a night off. I spent it bowling with Jeff Stark in rural upstate New York. Not enough people know who Jeff Stark is, because he's a humble type that�maneuvers behind the scenes of projects such as Nonsense NYC,�junk raft adventures,�some iterations of the Idiotarod,�various actions of the Madagascar Insititute, and some more thoughtful things involving intervention and public space. Since then I've been near Boston, trapped in a beige tower next to a freeway, it's called "Hilton Garden Inn". This Hilton is surrounded not by a garden, only empty windswept parking lots. At night the lightpoles waste electricity illuminating the piles of leftover snow, stained brown by pollution dust that settles from the nearby highway. Every room, including the lobby and the Fitness room, have tv sets angled down at the habitants like all-seeing eyes. It's either sports or babble about the dire economy. But this is just a place for rest. The work days are spent with Nettle, a live band/electronic project that fuses maghrebi music to ruined beatscapes. This week I'm their percussionist, joining them (us) in a residency at the nearby Brandeis University, and it seems to be going well. The very smart Wayne Marshall deserves credit for this, and you should have a peek at his great bLog. A notice for anyone near boston- I'll revert to being Filastine and play monday march 23rd @ The Enormous Room.