Reset Button

� Yesterday was a disaster, on arrival in bcn I could only see the shitty face of it- the rudeness, the pollution, the tourism, and, over all, the wreckage of my personal life here. Then i realized I hadn't slept properly in about 72 hours, which was just one long day that covered three-quarters of the distance around the planet.� I did a hard reset, went to sleep in the afternoon and woke up at 5am today, went to the beach to do some yoga, drink mint tea, and greet the sun. Much better. Everyone might by now already have it, but the latest album by Daedelus is brilliant. Free of bpm/genre slavery, it's rambling creativity earns respect even when it (often) strays into styles I don't like.
The straight line of conventional narrative is too often an elevated expressway permitting no unplanned encounters or necessary detours. It is not how our thoughts travel, nor does it allow us to map the whole world rather than one streamlined trajectory across it.
-Rebecca Solnit,�from the preface to Storming the Gates of Paradise � I'm playing in southern France the next 3 nights, in case you live around there. �