Sequestered Senses

Today I recovered from a hedonistic weekend by climbing a modest mountain near Seattle. The problem is that this is one of the few mountains that is not still buried under snow, and on a warm spring sunday afternoon it was humanity overdose. Too many people testing out their new Xtreme gear- gratuitous�hiking poles and other high-tech crap. A number of men (it's always men who have a big disregard for others) walked through the forest with their mobile phones blasting music.� Our senses are easily kidnapped by the loudest colors and fastest movements. When a herd of us humans are around it's impossible to notice the subtler animals, and forget about noticing the details of rocks and trees. A failed adventure. In a few days I leave for a dense tour of Japan. It's a tactile pleasure to flow with the masses in Tokyo or Osaka. It's all about environment and expectations. � �