The First of Many Screeds on the Subject of Violence

I'm in Cannes, just played at Midem, a music industry conference that is a big deal... if you are in the music industry. After playing I was being interviewed, the writer told me he was put-off by the "violent" protest imagery in my live video. I've got a lot to say on the matter and was frustrated by filtering it through a french translator and then seeing it further reduced to a few key words on a notepad. So here I am at 4am jetlagged, unable to sleep, and thinking about what I would have said could I could have spoken fluent french and had the word count to express myself. France was occupied by the Nazi's and nobody disputes that violent resistance was a reasonable course of action. In fact the Nazi collaborators, or the simply complacent, are now viewed as cowards.�Everyone likes to compare their enemies to Nazi's, and that's not what I'm doing here, just making a metaphor for their specific occupation of France. The way I see it most of the world is now occupied by corporatism, or at in the process of being conquered by it. The result is the slow-motion death of the planet, creeping monoculture, the commodification of everything from genes to plants to water to air, and a growing wealth gap. There are no longer "great" wars like the first, second, and cold third, rather we now live in a state of permanent war, a prerequisite to maintain the interconnected web of markets and insure it's chief lubrication- oil. In response to the Nazi's occupation of France it was reasonable to bomb and assassinate, in response to corporate fundamentalist global takeover I think it's reasonable to aggressively block the summit's of world leaders, tear down some fences, and make a fracas, as featured in my videos. And I don't weep when someone busts up a McDonald's or some multinational banks. The images that circulate from these trashings are potent zero-budget anti-advertisements. Sometimes I have problems understanding how, when we live in this atmosphere of generalized violence, when the exploitation of human-over-nature and human-over-human is at an all time high, someone can think that an act of symbolic property damage is unconscionable.