First Exit after the Memory Hole

Nearly a year has passed without any new words on this blog. Our collective attention space has been so shortened by status updates and twitter that I'm not convinced that it's�useful to write anything longer. Communication has been distilled into efficient meme war. Blogs are as quaint as covered wagons, something our ancestors used back in the first decade of the 21st century, when people sought interweb content outside of ecosystems like Facebook. Despite the practical fact that might that one effortless Instagram pic or retweet might (almost certainly) get more love than any larger effort,�there is just too much to share from 2012 that doesn't condense to status-speak. New music releases, crazy ambitious videos, minting a currency, touring the world for seven months (not over yet), the rebirth of Post World Industries, a million observations, fotos, thoughts. Stay tuned as this blog will now start moving again. Image- �route first half of �00T tour.