Burning Man for Dummies

Imagine a colony of fifty thousand earthlings stranded on a desert planet. The host planet is devoid of life, not even a fly or blade of grass. It is deadly hot by day; dust blizzards and mini-tornados erupt at random. The isolation has given root to a new religion, the people revere a neon-lit wicker man atop a tower, a sort of pagan Ka'aba, around whom they've built their city in a perfect circular radius. Every possible permutation of hippie mashup spirituality thrives in syncretic mix with the Man worship, buddhist scientologists, sufi tarot shamans, even more esoteric sects. In despair at never returning to the home planet the population has become sex-mad. People fuck in public, walk around naked, and erect giant lingams. The only music recording that survived from earth was a CD compilation of techno classics, which they blast from any possible speaker. A new indigenous music has developed called "womp", it's followers dress burlesque and don't comb their hair. The desert planet has massive petroleum reserves, with nothing else to do, the residents have become expert in petro-art. Flamethrowers adorn every object. Objects are blown up for the sheer pleasure. Vehicles have transformed into fantastical totemic animals, a bus becomes a dragon, a car becomes an insect, cruising slowly across the moonscape as riders jump on and off in a mass-transit roulette. The castaways live as if each moment were the last moment of their life.