Eyewitness Report from the Suburbs of Springfield, Missouri

People in Springfield Missouri do not walk or bicycle. They encase themselves in a ton of steel, glass, and plastic to move through the world. People in Springfield Missouri like to talk about the weather, but prefer not to experience it directly. No matter how pleasant the temperature outside, all spaces are hermetically sealed with temperatures controlled by thermostat. People in Springfield Missouri must have a giant landfill, because they certainly don't recycle, and have a unique love of styrofoam. People of Springfield Missouri have a special relationship to their lawns. Perfectly trimmed green squares. In fact some radicals are trying to pass a law permitting vegetable gardens; change is in the air. People of Springfield Missouri have developed an immunity to poison. There is not a room without and LCD television screen, and it doesn't make them sick. People of Springfield Missouri are incredibly friendly. They are honestly good people. The problem is simply that if every person on this earth consumed as much resources as the kind folks of Springfield we would need four planet earths. http://www.mindfully.org/Sustainability/Americans-Consume-24percent.htm