FBI, Please Return to Hell

A friend was just caught up in a 16 hour raid by a "Joint Terrorist Task Force," which is allegedly an anti-terror squad, but considering it was comprised of the FBI and NYPD you can be sure they were sewing fear, not abating it. They allege that these evil masterminds were controlling anarchist street protests against the G20 in Pittsburgh, via Twitter. In fact they found the perps in a hotel room in Pittsburgh with some Police Scanners (radios tuned to Police frequencies) and laptops. What they tweeted is public knowledge �Later, in their 16 hour raid on their home they found such damning evidence "hammers, anarchist books, and a poster of Marx". They could find better evidence to back their riot conspiracy theory in the garage of any suburban dad. This follows closely on another friends arrest, the fruits of a years long campaign of entrapment by an alphabet soup of Gov't agencies. Read the police report as filtered by alternative media article here And every few months another friend has his/her door kicked down by men in black balaclavas gripping machine-guns. Their crimes amount to politically-motivated vandalism, burning a few things, and freeing some tortured animals. They are all currently serving terms of more than ten years in federal prisons.