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New product: Extra Dirty Bomb EP (vinyl+digi) Feb 15, 2010. Remixes by Jahcoozi, Cardopusher, Maga Bo, Ill Gates, Electromeca, Deep Throat X, phowa. Get it via download, iTunes, or on 12" vinyl. Discography- click on title to order physical product (no link= sold out) EXTRA DIRTY BOMB (vinyl+digi) 2010 Post World Industries DIRTY BOMB (CD+digi) 2009 Post World Industries, Jarring Effects, Soot, Romz, Uber Lingua Sonar Calibrado EP [collaboration w/ Maga Bo] (vinyl) 2008 Shockout (Tigerbeat6) Units of Resistance [compilation] (CD+vinyl+digi) 2008 ROIR Q�emalo Ya (vinyl+digital) Shockout (Tigerbeat6) BURNT IT SELECTIONS (vinyl) 2006 Soot Records BURN IT (CD+digi) 2006 Soot Records, 2007 Romz Records, 2007 Jarring Effects, JUDAS GOAT/PALMARES (vinyl) 2005 Soot Records STATES OF ABUSE [compilation] (CD+vinyl+digi) Entartete Kunst Direct links Filastine tracks for sale on�iTunes,�Amazon,�Boomkat,�Addictech SOME PRESS: "filled with both with jagged edges and moments of sad sweetness... sure to win fans across multiple scenes"-XLR8R "worldly field recordings, sound collages and electro burners line a tracklist with concealed explosives that loom in the splitting beats and impending ruin of cuts" -Remix Magazine "such a unique style of electronica it's hard to pigeonhole...middle eastern melodies and pluckings, charges with brilliant displays of breakbeat rhythms and percussive executions" -The Sydney Morning Herald "the prototype of globalized urban sound" -Prefix "reminiscent of the murky drama of Ninja Tuners like Amon Tobin and DJ Food...feels like a thrillingly tense interaction between these ideological factors and the gold-toothed, whip-riding luxury of hiphop culture" -The Stranger "both the live and programmed drums feel like time itself has been sliced open, offering a cross-section of temporality's complex and relative clockwork, with gears spinning at different speeds" -The Wire "4 stars. music for a nervous world order" -Urb "hybrids so fluent they defy classification" -Pitchfork "With one ear to the ground but the other firmly in the gutter, Filastine has delivered a musical bombardment of an album that is fresh and uncompromising and comes highly recommended." -Spannered "addictive and eclectic doesn�t even begin to describe this record" -Subba-Cultcha "Filastine es el universo entero, suena crustie s�lo lo justo, y la coherencia de su discurso es total. Si Dirty Bomb nace del nomadismo, es la mejor justificacion del hecho." -Go "Dirty Bomb is una recopilaci�n magistral de ritmos urbanos y los sonidos mas sucios que habitan en la cabeza de Grey." -A Little Beat "A l'oppos� d'une world music aseptis�e par le business occidental'" Vibrations "Tenez le vous pour dit, Dirty Bomb le second album de Filastine, est � manier avec pr�cautions. Danger !" Mondomix see ALL PRESS, or by language: english, fran�ais, espa�ol (& catal�), japanese