Opposites Day

Normally the I go to the festival, but she's not the festival crowd is even less sexy scattered across as they instantly just another clueless guiri, fumbling with the language and oblivious to all the social codes, the international festival crowd is even less attractive when it clogs the arteries of my home, the Raval. from a distance the crowd is like pixels or television static (do TV's do that anymore?), a repetition of pink skin, sunglasses & ironic facial hair. Up close they humanize into friendly music nerds, the best people you could hope to party with. According to a friend's theory, someone you live is simply the person you "hate the least." Sonar is definitely the big festival to hate the least. A leap over a garden wall dropped our posse into a greek amphitheatre carved out of the Barcelona's urban molehill Montjuic, to see experience the best digital music performance I have ever seen or even imagined. Ryoiji Ikeda may be unlistenable at home, but given enough watts and lumens will turn you into a frothing epileptic or an acolyte. Do not miss him.