September 11th is Bad News

September 11th 2001- a dozen men armed with box cutters, pissed off about US troops in Saudia Arabia and the support of Israel, murdered thousands and permanently dented the psyche of United States.

September 11th, 1714. A siege of Barcelona collapsed. Then Catalans sided with the Hapsburgs (Austrians), and lost to the Castilian-French alliance. It's called La Diada. Non-residents of Spain will be surprised to learn that two million people marched through the streets of Barcelona today.

If you have never seen two million people, imagine every soul in a city stepping into the street at the same moment, and converging in one central area. Or imagine sixty sports stadiums full of people, all exiting into one neighborhood. Unlike possibly every other nationalistic flag-waving mob, these people are progressive and educated. Immigrants needn't hide under rocks this day